Thursday, September 25, 2008

The 7 Plagues of the CSS Amateur


  1. Div-itis
  2. Class-itis
  3. Over-specificity
  4. Redundant Properties and/or Selectors
  5. CSS Frameworks/Reset Stylesheets
  6. Poor accessibility
  7. Poor semantics

Designing your portfolio is hard

How do you summarize your skills and talents into a website?

I am a website designer. Most my work is coming up with solutions to problems. So, Why is it so hard to come up with a solution to the portfolio problem? I want my portfolio to show my skills as a user experience engineer. Well that's kind of hard to do since there aren't many interaction elements in a portfolio. I could make a really cool photo viewer, I suppose, but that's mostly a solved problem. I don't really want to add 2.0 elements to it. And while I'd like to use a better blog platform, I have to admit that blogger is easy to keep. I could just make a theme for blogger I guess...

I was thinking of taking a look at my design process and trying to distill it down. Use graphics of paper-prototypes, whiteboard drawings, sketches, and photos. I think I'll also have a lab which will feature some of my experiments.

I need a new portfolio. I did the old one in college, its embarrassing, but it comes up pretty high on when my name is Google'd, so I need to get a fix in there.