Thursday, April 16, 2009

zenTooltip - Simple, Unobtrusive, yet memorable tooltip plugin

I've used a few tooltip scripts over the past couple years and none of them I've really liked. They either try to do everything or not enough. So I've come up with my own tooltip plugin for jQuery.

Introducing zenTooltip

  • Uses title attribute for the benefit of progressive enhancement
  • Uses simple html/css
  • Restyling to fit your needs is simple
  • Supports special formatting in the tooltip via a mini-markup syntax.
  • formatting is easily extendable and is optional
  • Collision detection for the browser edges
  • It's open source under MPL, so do what you want

Demo and Docs

I'll be uploading the demo page to my personal site soon but until then the script and demo page is available on the zenTooltip page of Google Code.

If there's things you think the plugin should do let me know. I want to avoid feature bloat, so if you want it to load AJAX content or anything crazy like that that will be a different plugin. Feel free to leverage this code to do it and let me know so we can cross-promote.

Update: I think it's finally hit a 1.0 status. Need to get some users to test it out. Feedback welcome.

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